Rhonda Byrne is on The Watkins’ Top 100

Rhonda Byrne is on the Watkins top 10 list of the most spiritually influential people alive.

You may have heard that Rhonda Byrne is on the Watkins’s Top 100 spiritually influential living people. She landed a very respectable tenth place and is in the company of the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela and many esteemed spiritual experts. Rhonda has just released a new book called “The Magic” that takes the reader through a 28 day journey of personal discovery.

Rhonda Byrne is on the Watkins Top 100

The new issue of the Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine features the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. This is the second year that Watkins has published its 100 list, which ranks spiritual leaders and authors including the Dalai Lama (#1), Deepak Chopra (#4), Rhonda Byrne (#10), and Nelson Mandela (#12).


Newcomers to this year’s list include Elizabeth Gilbert (#6), Iyanla Vanzant (#7), and Mooji (#91). The magazine dedicates a fourteen page feature to the 100 list, which celebrates the most active and influential spiritual teachers.

Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine (previously Watkins Review) is a quarterly publication by Watkins Books, London’s oldest and largest independent esoteric bookshop, established in 1893. Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine is available in Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods, and WHSmiths. The magazine can also be purchased online at: http://www.watkinsbooks.com/mbs .

The Spiritual 100 list at a glance:

  1.  Dalai Lama
  2.  Eckhart Tolle
  3.  Thich Nhat Hanh
  4.  Deepak Chopra
  5.  Paulo Coelho
  6.  Elizabeth Gilbert
  7.  Iyanla Vanzant
  8.  Ken Wilber
  9.  James Redfield
  10.  Rhonda Byrne

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It is wonderful to be recognized for your passion and hard work. Rhonda Byrne, who is on the Watkins’ top 100 list of most spiritually influential people alive has been pouring her energy into her best selling books and videos and has just released her new book “The Magic” this month.

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“The Magic” By Rhonda Byrne is a 28 Day Journey

"The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne is a 28 day journey.

“The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne is a 28 day journey that will change your life. Yes, I know you hear that all the time, change your life this way…or… this is how to change your life. You try, but nothing ever seems to change. How do you really make life changes? Rhonda sets you on the path for true change and takes you through the steps towards gratitude and self acceptance. That is how you make life changes. 

“The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne is a 28 Day Journey

I just started reading Rhonda Byrne’s new book called The Magic. Rhonda Byrne is also the author of the extremely popular book called The Secret. I read The Secret and also watched the movie. I am familiar with the concept of the law of attraction, so her new book caught my attention – especially with a mysterious title like The Magic!

I just cracked the book open today. I was not sure how far I would get into the book in one day, but I soon realized that The Magic is meant to be broken down into 28 days! That works well for me because I can break it up using her well thought out formula. And Rhonda points out that after 28 days, your new way of thinking will become a habit. And most of us have heard the same thing – that it takes about that long for a lasting change to take place.

So, during these 28 days we will have daily activities planned for us to follow. We will learn how to be extremely grateful for what we already have in our life, which will, in turn, bring more positive energy to us – attracting more of what we want in life. Because if you are constantly ungrateful you will constantly attract more negativity into your life.

So I’m ready for tomorrow’s assignment – which includes writing out ten things in your life that you are thankful for and why. And this is not just list writing! You must repeat the list either mentally or out loud and focus on how grateful you are for each person or thing included on your list.

Also, she encourages you to write out all of the dreams you want to achieve in your life. You’ll have to get clear and concise about what you truly want. And actually, you don’t even have to write down how you will achieve those dreams at this moment. You just need to acknowledge what you really want. It could have something to do with your career, your health, your relationships, money, or anything else that is important to you.

I’ll post updates about my experience with this new book, The Magic. I’m curious to find out how much of a difference extreme gratitude will make in my life and in my everyday existence. You see, after I read The Secret, I made some changes to the way I was thinking. But I didn’t make any radical or lasting changes. I do a pretty good job with staying positive in my life, but I’m ready to push through to that next level!

Tara Walker has embarked on her “Magic” journey and you can go along too if you want. Get yourself a copy of “The Magic” and check in with Tara on her blog Free Spirituality. I think you’ll be glad you did.


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Free Preview; The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes

We are just days away from the release of the new book ‘The Magic” by Rhonda Byrnes and the anticipation is growing more intense. The majority of you have already read Rhondas other titles “The Secret” and “The Power” and are really excited about finally getting to read this latest offering. Knowing this I thought it would be great to share this Free Preview; The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes

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Free Preview:The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes

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The first chapter asks “Do you believe in magic?” How does one answer that? Yes? No? Maybe? As children, most of us believed in magical things. We believed in the possibility that dreams could really come true. As adults we have become robotic and disengaged from life and the idea of something magical or miraculous happening is just way too far out there to believe. Guess what? It’s not so far out there.

When I think about the question “Do you believe in magic?” The first thing that comes to my mind is “I want to believe, but I don’t think I do”. That is my truth and I think a few of you might be feeling the same way. It’s been a rough road for many of us and some may be looking at the hardest times they’ve ever known, it can be very daunting to see the light with so much darkness. I am looking forward to finding out what kind of magic I can make happen by coming out from the shadows and really embracing my life for the first time.

If you follow the 28 day program in the book you will experience profound changes in your life and you just might remember that you DO believe in magic! Enjoy the free preview; The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes. 

Free Preview; The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes

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Fans of Rhonda Byrne Waiting for The Magic

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Fans of Rhonda Byrne are waiting for “The Magic” to happen, her new book being released March 6th. This is her third in a series of books about the law of attraction.  First The Secret enlightened us all about the law of attraction and how you can get amazing results by practicing positive thinking.  Rhonda’s next book The Power, reveals how everything we need to succeed is within us.

Fans of Rhonda Byrne are Waiting for The Magic

How many of you desired another book from Rhonda Byrne after you’ve read The Secret?

I bet, deep down, you already knew this book would come, didn’t you?

I remember I was so fascinating about the content of The Secret that I wished there was another book because I wanted to know more. Some years later it cames The Power and soon we’ll have The Magic book too. I bless this feeling because it lead to a total new ME.

We all are multi creators. When I read the power I understand better the message because I had already experienced great things in my life. Time is nothing but an opportunity to prepare you for your wish realization.

Many of you may have already become more conscious about yourselves before The Secret but we all are truly grateful to Rhonda Byrne because she continues to shape the whole world leading many people to discover their true selfs.

I learn with that, if you have a big vision it will help the whole world. A small vision may help you, your family and your friends. Think Big because it is related with yourself and you’re making a favor to billions!

Thank you a countless times for everything Rhonda Byrne! :)

I believe the effort we put into learning more about ourselves becomes a wonderful investment that pays us back every day for the rest of our lives. Enrichment of spirit and expansion of thought will become natural and exciting for the fans of Rhonda Byrne, waiting for The Magic to appear in bookstores next month.

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“The Magic” Life Lessons From Rhonda Byrne

The Magic Life lessons from Rhonda Byrne

“The Magic” life lessons from Rhonda Byrne combine all her previous teachings into a masterful blueprint for living. Simple, practical and yet so profound you know immediately that you are finally learning what it means to have everything you want and how to go about getting it.

“The Magic” Life Lessons From Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne is the best well known self help master. Her beautiful production , ‘the secret’ catches millions of peoples’ eyes and hearts around the world. In ‘the secret’ movie and book, she made clear explanation about the law of attraction and the ways to use this awesome law to achieve everything that desired in life.

“the secret ” is the outcome of her own discovery of the connection between mind, feelings and universe. She found this knowledge in 2004. Almost immediately her life was transformed, as she began to put into practice what she had learned. And in that moment her greatest wish, and mission, was to share this knowledge with the world.

Her production of the movie and the book of “the secret” has changed many people’s life and law of attraction is now been identified and applied by most.

Her second book is “the power” which helps people understand the power of the feelings of achieving desired life. “the secret” and “the power” are the record breaking self help books that being purchased by people until today.

For those who are waiting for her next words, there is a good news that I have received trough my email by the secret team. Her third and the most waited book will be out in the middle of march 2012. The title of the new book is ” the magic”.

Below is her own message about her new intentions on her new book to the world.

The Magic Life Lessons From Rhonda Byrne

You can make 2012 the best year of your life! And you can do it very easily, right now.

All you have to do is set the most powerful intention you can ever set in your life, which is that you will focus only on what you want, think only about what you want, and talk only about what you want. Decide right now that anytime you find yourself thinking or talking about what you don’t want, you will stop and demand of yourself, “What is it that I want?” And with all your might, with all your strength, with all your willpower – you will focus on what you want!

This one intention, repeated daily until the New Year and reinforced through 2012, will ensure that you make 2012 the year that your dreams came true, and the greatest year of your life!

To help you have an even more magical year, I’m going to let you in on a secret… I have written a very exciting new book. It’s called The Magic. It will be released within the early months of 2012!

Happy holidays, and a very, very Happy New Year!
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret… bringing joy to billions”

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I think most of us have to overcome the belief that we somehow don’t deserve to have what we want. This is really a problem for a lot of  people and it seems most everyone can relate to it. ” The Magic life lessons from Rhonda Byrne will help you work through this and many other life changing issues. Don’t miss Rhonda’s new book The Magic which will be released next month.

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The Magic (The Secret) by Rhonda Byrne – Watch the Video Trailer Here

The Magic (The Secret) by Rhonda Byrne,  Author of THE SECRET, and THE POWER ~ Watch the Video Trailer HERE:

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Does the Law of Attraction Work? Are there Really Missing Ingredients In the “The Secret”

The reason most people fail to attain their desires and dreams using the information they learn in “The Secret” isn’t because the information is “false”, or “wrong.”  The reason is because there are missing ingredients to the formula.  Without the knowledge of these missing ingredients and the implementation of these additional steps, you are “hit and miss” as to whether the Law of attraction will work for you.

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Rhonda Byrne’s New Book “The Magic (The Secret), Order It Here – Release Date March 6th, 2012


The Magic (The Secret) by Rhonda Byrne – The Brand New 2012 Law of Attraction book Release by the author of The Secret and The Power (The Secret)!


Remember when you were a child and you believed that life was magical? Well, the magic of life is real, and it’s far more breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and exciting than you ever imagined as a child. You can live your dreams, you can have anything you want, and your life can touch the stars! Come with me on an unforgettable journey for 28 days, as we discover how truly dazzling our lives can be.

Our adventure begins two thousand years ago, when life-changing knowledge was hidden within a sacred text. For twenty centuries, this knowledge has mystified, confused, and been misunderstood by almost all who read it . . .




Rhonda Byrne, author of the amazing best seller “THE SECRET” has a new book “The Magic (The Secret)”, Release Date March 6th, 2012.

You can Order (and Pre-Order) it here and also receive a BEST PRICE Guarranty from Amazon.  Find and Read BOOK REVIEWS on THE MAGIC (THE SECRET) by Rhonda Byrne Here on this site as well.

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